Innovating with experience

ATG – L609 Buzza disposal area, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA Bellinzona


19.00 Mio CHF


2002 – 2020

The project concerns one of the lots of the new ATG railway line in Biasca and the realization of the definitive disposal area for material coming from the excavation of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and not used in the project. Conveyor belts were used in order to move this material through the passage Pollegio Nord-Buzza di Biasca, forming an artificial hill in a place that in the past hosted a landslide (in 1513) and later became an aggregate quarry. Environmental compensation and enhancements works have been carried out in different phases. The disposal area has a capacity of 4.2 mio m3 and covers a surface of 140,000 m2. Thanks to this landscaping works, Buzza is now a planted hill. Local vegetation has been chosen: chestnuts, sessile oaks, downy oaks, oaks and semiarid plants.


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