Innovating with experience

of activity

The field experience, acquired with innovative technological solutions, allows us to grant top quality services in following fields: roads, railway, bridges, buildings, tunnels, hydraulic engineering, geotechnics and BIM.

A comprehensive service, involving strategic organization, preliminary studies, planning, tendering, construction, client support, expertise, general project and works management.

We offer you a multidisciplinary experience.


Planning, preliminary studies, renovation and construction of highway sections, junctions and intermodal nodes, cantonal and municipal roads, public spaces, bike/pedestrian paths and noise protection structures.


Competence, precision, punctuality, quality and efficiency are some of the necessary prerogatives to planning, preliminary studies, compliance works and construction of railways, stations, noise protection structures and different infrastructures with cutting edge solutions according to state of the art standards.


Bridges, viaducts, flyovers and underpasses are some of the road infrastructures we are devoted to check with timely periodic inspections, maintenance an refurbishment projects.


Planning, inspections, preliminary studies, renovation and construction of roads, highways and railways tunnels to allow the passage of vehicles and trains through the Alpine chain.


Reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete buildings, steel, wood and prefabricated components buildings for different uses, including houses, administrative buildings, schools, leisure centres, hospitals, industrial and sport buildings have our signature.

Hydraulic engineering

Preliminary studies and construction of water supply and drainage (waste and rain water) solutions, hydraulic solutions and installations related to the construction of large infrastructures, general water drainage plans, cantonal water supply plans, wastewater treatment plants, municipal collectors, geographic information systems, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, fluvial rehabilitation and arrangement.


Planning, inspection, design and construction of support works, special foundations, protection and containment works.


BIM management, BIM implementation, BIM modelling of existing and new works, 3D/GIS ground modelling with high precision georeferenced point clouds (created with Lidar, drone, RTK GPS, photogrammetry), management CDE/ACDat, coordination OpenBIM in IFC and other formats, planning and general coordination, GIS and BIM data convergence, BIM simulations, Client support and BIM training.