Innovating with experience

ATG – L626 Deviation and relocation of the Froda river, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA – Bellinzona


0.65 Mio CHF


2011 – 2014

As part of the project relating to the Giustizia Junction (Lot 626) of the new ATG railway line in the Biasca area, it was necessary to divert the course of the Froda river/Ofible canal for the construction of the railway bridge of the same name. The Froda river/Ofible canal receives water from the rivers Stabiello and Froda, the Ofible turbine station, some minor manholes and is affected by the possibility of a flood of the Ticino river. During the construction, which took place in stages, the course of the Froda/Ofible canal was diverted first to the south, allowing the construction of the central pier, north pier and north shoulder with adequate ribs, then to the north to allow the execution of the south pier and south shoulder thus restoring the natural riverbed. The banks of the river Froda, touched by the construction works, were restored with stone blocks to guarantee the hydraulic flow; at the same time various interventions were planned to guarantee an optimal landscape integration.


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