Innovating with experience

ATG – L626 Bridge over the river Froda, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA – Bellinzona


8.00 Mio CHF


2011 – 2014

What concerns the Giustizia interchange (Lot 626) of the new railway line ATG in Biasca, a new railway bridge has been planned and realized above the river Froda. The bridge is a prestressed concrete deck built as a continuously full section spanning beam with 4 spans and point supports perpendicular to the main axis of the bridge. The total length of the bridge is 91 m and the two main spans have a total length of 24.5 m, while the lateral spans have a length of 18.5 m. The maximum width of the bridge is 14.60 m. What concerns the realization, and above all the foundation on bored piles, it was necessary to divert the river flow in different phases because of the presence of a streambed central pile.