Innovating with experience

Bridge over the river Ticino, BELLINZONA – SWITZERLAND


Territory Department Canton Ticino, Bellinzona


13.20 Mio CHF


2004 – 2010

The new road bridge connects the 2 Bellinzona’s districts, Sementina and Giubiasco. A transversal section with two roadways and two cycle paths allows to cross the river Ticino. The bridge has 5 spans with piles outside the streambed with a total length of 233.50 m (41 m, 50 m, 73.5 m, 37 m and 32 m) and a width of 12.90 m. The bridge consists of two longitudinal steel beams and a reinforced concrete slab (composite bridge). In order to keep the road in operation, the old iron bridge built in 1932 was open to the traffic till the new one was completed. Later, after detailed inspections and feasibility study, it has been destroyed.


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