Enhancement Soldini District, CHIASSO – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the enhancement of public spaces in the Soldini district in Chiasso, where 2’300 people live and where there are different artisanal and industrial productive activities. Aims of the project are: reorganisation of the road system proposing responsive materials and items of furniture; realisation of connection spaces in private areas and/or with public […]


As part of the project relating to the construction of the Roveredo ring road, in addition to the new main axis of the N13 highway, the “Italian road”, that previously ran along the centre of Roveredo, was moved along the Moesa river. The new cantonal artery, planned to become the main axis for the Bellinzona-San […]

N2 EP12 Bellinzona – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the N2 highway section between km 48,500 and km 56,000, including the Bellinzona Nord junction (N02-N13), with rehabilitation of: road superstructure, buildings, water evacuation system, safety barriers and fences, electromechanical installations, signs and noise barriers and construction of 3 new road wastewater treatment plants (SABA). This is a complete rehabilitation project that […]

N2 EP09 Biaschina – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the N2 highway section Giornico-Faido between km 79,700 and km 91,350 with renovation plans to improve: road superstructure, structures, tunnels, walls, rest areas, drainage systems, security fences and limitations, electromechanical installations, road signs and sound barriers. This project concerns all FEDRO sectors: environment (T/U), road constructions (K), tunnels and geotechnics (T/G). Phases: […]

ATG – LOT 640.1 Cantonal road in POLLEGIO – SWITZERLAND

Lot 640.1 is an element of the project of the new AlpTransit high-speed railway line in Biasca. The project involves the construction of the definitive cantonal road in Pollegio and the final settlement of the area of the Gotthard Base Tunnel’s south portal. Different works have been implemented, as: fauna underpass under the cantonal road, […]