Innovating with experience

New ATG high speed line, BIASCA sector – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA – Bellinzona


300.00 Mio CHF


2002 – 2017

The section relating to the Biasca sector, with a total length of approximately 7.4 km, is placed between the south portal of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the junction with the existing line in the Giustizia interchange, allowing the continuation to the south in the Riviera Valley. The line is built on embankments using the material extracted from the excavation of the base tunnel and processed in the Pollegio material processing plant. Several interventions were carried out on the railway line, including extensions and displacements of the existing line, and various artefacts connected to the railway infrastructure, including artificial tunnels, bridges, support works and minor works. In order to restore the road network, modified by the new railway line, additional interventions became necessary, including the adaptation of the Biasca motorway junction, the construction of road interconnections, road and pedestrian underpasses. The considerable complexity of the project and the need to keep the railway line and road infrastructure in operation required a subdivision into lots of the entire sector.