Innovating with experience

New Bus lane in Via Zorzi, BELLINZONA – SWITZERLAND


Dipartimento del Territorio Canton Ticino, Bellinzona


0.86 Mio CHF


2011 – 2015

The project concerns the construction of the new bus lane, located on the right side of Via Zorzi in Bellinzona towards the centre, which follows the existing road layout for a total length of about 250 m. As part of the project, following activities have been performed: new bus stop with reinforced concrete shelter, widening of the roadway, modification of the caisson structure that houses the Dragonato canal, transformation and laying of new infrastructures and a new support on micro piles, anchored by pretensioned tie rods (in total 6 tie rods, positioned in 2 different heights). For the construction of the aforementioned retaining wall, during the works it was necessary to use a temporary steel support structure for Dragonato channel and some sheet piling retaining walls for the excavations.