Innovating with experience

ATG – L626 Giustizia tunnel, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA – Bellinzona


5.50 Mio CHF


2013 – 2016

As part of the Giustizia interchange project (Lot 626) relating to the new ATG railway line in the Biasca area, a new artificial tunnel was designed and built adjacent to the south side of the bridge over the Froda River. It is a single tube structure with polygonal section of reinforced concrete, about 110 m long and equipped with walls and slabs with thicknesses ranging between 60 and 145 cm. The slab is waterproof and protected by a protective hood, the external walls and wings in contact with the tunnel floor are waterproof and protected by protective mortar and draining geocomposite.


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