Innovating with experience

ATG – L626 Stabiello channel and cofferdam, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND


AlpTransit San Gottardo SA – Bellinzona


7.00 Mio CHF


2011 – 2012

The project interchange Giustizia (L626) of the new ATG railway line in Biasca concerns also the realisation of the Stabiello channel and cofferdam. Aim of the structure is to protect the railway line and the road from debris flows in case of flood. Designed and realised to host a volume of 5500 m3, it has been dimensioned in preparation for a possible future 1 m building-up of front and lateral walls and increase of volume till 7000 m3. The channel, culverted on the road section, is in reinforced concrete under the artificial Giustizia tunnel. Also megafauna escape routes have been realised.