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New consortium collector middle and lower BLENIO – SWITZERLAND


Consorzio Depurazione Acque Media e Bassa Blenio, Serravalle


18.50 Mio CHF


2001 – 2008

The project concerns the construction of the connection manifold to the consortium of the water purification consortium of the Middle and Lower Blenio (CDAMBB), with a total length of approx. 17 km and variable diameter from 200 to 450 mm depending on the needs of the various lots; it includes the areas Malvaglia, Semione, Ludiano, Dongio, Corzoneso, Leontica, Prugiasco and Lottigna in the municipalities Serravalle and Acquarossa. The connection manifold extends over a total length of approx. 6 km and has a diameter of 200 mm except for a section of lot 6 (from cockpit 6.35 to 6.50) which is 250 mm long. During its development various special works have been carried out including inspection shafts, inspection chambers, pumping stations, breaking or energy dissipation chambers, bridge suspensions for crossing rivers.


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