Streams inspection and evaluation, LUGANO – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the inspection and evaluation of channels and underground watercourses in Lugano. Total length: around 2’000 m. Visual inspections of watercourses have been carried out with remote control (video inspection) or inspection of pipe watercourses have been carried out depending on accessibility and pipe diameter. After the report delivery, the analysis and evaluation […]

General wastewater disposal plan, CURIO – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the realisation of the new general wastewater plan in accordance with specific directives of Swiss water associations, with cantonal guidelines and existing technical specifications. It contains the necessary wastewater disposal information, such as: canalisations to rehabilitate or to replace, canalisations to realise, priorities, necessary works, construction, maintenance and operating costs, cantonal and […]

New consortium collector middle and lower BLENIO – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the construction of the connection manifold to the consortium of the water purification consortium of the Middle and Lower Blenio (CDAMBB), with a total length of approx. 17 km and variable diameter from 200 to 450 mm depending on the needs of the various lots; it includes the areas Malvaglia, Semione, Ludiano, […]

ATG – L626 Deviation and relocation of the Froda river, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND

As part of the project relating to the Giustizia Junction (Lot 626) of the new ATG railway line in the Biasca area, it was necessary to divert the course of the Froda river/Ofible canal for the construction of the railway bridge of the same name. The Froda river/Ofible canal receives water from the rivers Stabiello […]


The project concerns the realisation of a school with three buildings: school, gym and technical area on a total surface of 8’673 m2. The main access of the gymnasium hall ends on a small balcony leading to the stands furniture and the changing rooms from which students access to the gymnastic room. The one level […]

Administrative building 3, BELLINZONA – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the realization of a big public park with two administrative buildings. The main building has 5 floors and offices for around 400 employers of the Department of Territory of Canton Ticino. The upper area, on ten pillars and a prestressed concrete foundation, is characterized by a “double skin”: an external layer with […]

CMI SBB Erstfeld and Biasca – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns the local construction management, liquidation and commissioning for the construction of the intervention and maintenance centres (CMI) in Biasca and Erstfeld, of the necessary infrastructures and the auxiliary construction measures. As part of the project, the main buildings with two-track workshop shed and office rooms, secondary buildings with meeting rooms, accommodation and […]

N2, Schweizerhalle and Arisdorf Tunnel inspections – SWITZERLAND

The project concerns inspections in the years 2013, 2018 and 2023 for tunnel Schweizerhalle (1030 m) and tunnel Arisdorf (1349 m). After a first KUBA training phase, the structures data have been defined and collected; the main inspection (control, analysis and evaluation of each single structural element) and, finally, the final documentation with the proposed […]


The project concerns the N2 highway between km 23,400 and km 24,000 and concerns the rehabilitation of the Gentilino tunnel. The services performed, local works management (phase 52 SIA 103), commissioning and final procedures (Phase 53 SIA 103), concerned the restoration of the deteriorated concrete, reconstruction of the surface course, restoration of the borders, replacement […]

ATG – L626 Giustizia tunnel, BIASCA – SWITZERLAND

As part of the Giustizia interchange project (Lot 626) relating to the new ATG railway line in the Biasca area, a new artificial tunnel was designed and built adjacent to the south side of the bridge over the Froda River. It is a single tube structure with polygonal section of reinforced concrete, about 110 m […]